Ohai! 👋🏻

I'm Javier Honduvilla Coto, a BSc in Computer Engineering student at UC3M in Madrid.

I was a '16 summer intern at Shopify in the production engineering team.

My interests span computers, humans, emojis, travelling, and guacamole.

Find me on

(My handle is javierhonduco in most places)


  • Corruption Monkey is a small CLI to flip bits in files used to test a database integrity checker.
  • Nebrija, a Ruby lib to parse the official Spanish dictionary.
  • FastSum is a Ruby extension written in C to sum arrays of floats faster leveraging SSE extensions found in modern x86 processors.
  • Dulcinea: A simple frontend and JSON API for Nebrija.
  • A simple raytracer in javascript inspired by a CG course and a project by Antirez.
  • Python script to get your Spotify's most popular artists using your favourited songs as well as being able to perform some set operations over them.
  • Perform set operations with Twitter's data with Tvvenn!
  • Telegram bot that displays Aalto university cafeteria's different menus.
  • UC3M's cafeteria redesign following a service design approach.