SkipQueues is an application developed for Android with Ionic framework that allows to order cafeteria products from anywhere and anytime and skip queues. This project is the summary of the steps followed for the UC3M cafeteria service redesign.

About the project

This project is the result of our work in the course of Design of Interactive Systems for the Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

The aim of the course was to learn the way of applying user-centered design approaches to address the design and development of interactive systems.

Here you can read about the theoretical foundations followed in this project.

Service design

Service design is "the activity of planning and organizing people, infrastructure, communication and material components of a service in order to improve its quality and the interaction between service provider and customers."

The purpose of service design methodologies is to redefine services according to the needs of customers and the capabilities of service providers, so that the service is user-friendly, competitive and relevant to the customers, while being sustainable for the service provider.

Discover how we redefine the food & beverage service at
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M).

Service Design Phase

Product design

Product design is "the process of creating a new product to be deployed in a real setting."

The main insight of the first phase of the project was the need of avoiding queues at peak times. This goal requires not only reorganizing the food & beverage service, but also developing interactive tools that support new features. Accordingly, the second phase of the project is oriented to design a smartphone application.

Learn more about the design of a mobile ordering application
to avoid queues at peak times.

Product Design Phase

Who made this?

Jennifer Azaña

Computer Science student

"I've always felt technology must adapt to human, opposite to the traditional conception. That's why I'm deeply interested in UX and human centred design. It's time to make some changes!"

David Ortiz-Vallejuelo

Computer Science student

"Passionate about UX and Artificial Intelligence; thrilled to make the most of both fields. I'm always in the middle of building something new"

Javier Honduvilla

Computer Science student

"Backend engineer in the making."

Miren Sainz

Computer Science student


David Díez

Ph.D. in Computer Science

"I define myself as a human-centred software engineer. I have a software engineering background and a human-centric mindset."

Because of their collaboration in the project development:

Álvaro Cáceres

Álvaro Rubio

Because of their collaboration in the evaluations:

Francisco Javier del Álamo

Kenji Muro

Roberto Gutiérrez

Pedro Sanz

Daniel Brinzei